Hello, I'm a full-stack developer based in Los Angeles!

Steven Fox

Freelance Developer | Music Composer | Designer | Dog Dad

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Steven Fox is the coolest human being on the face of the Earth. He has 2 dogs and the world's greatest fiance. He plays guitar and disc golf, and not to mention makes really cool sites. Wow! What a guy!

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1987Born in Fort Smith, Arkansas
2010Completed Bachelor's Program for Jazz Guitar at University of Arkansas - Fort Smith
2020Completed General Assembly Software Engineering Immersive Program
2020 to presentWorks as a freelance developer
2021 to presentWorks at Investcloud in Los Angeles, California 🏝️

I ❤️

Disc Golf, Video Games, Music, Hiking, Random Road Trips, My Wife, My Dogs 🐶 🐶

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